Occupied and Unoccupied Home Staging


Based upon the Walkthrough Consultation, we will furnish a quote as to the proposed cost of staging as recommended by the Stager in the Consultation..  The quote will include all potential aspects of the project and can be adjusted based on the client’s needs, client’s budget and how much the client will do themselves, as well as the time factor involved.


Pricing for staging projects varies depending on the project, how much the homeowner will do, and how much the Stellar Staging Group will do, how many rooms are to be staged, etc.  We typically use as much of the homeowner’s accessories and furnishings, as possible, however, many homes require us to bring in our own accessories or to rent furniture and other items to nicely stage the home.  The rental of accessories and furnishings is for a minimum of two months and if necessary the items may be rented for an additional period by the month.


The project cost includes the initial staging as well as visits back to the home to assure it is staying in ‘Staged’ condition for showings and a de-staging visit after the home is sold.


Clients will be instructed on how to keep the home in ‘staged condition’ during the time it is on the market and how to quickly prepare for a showing.


An initial deposit is required on contract signing and the balance is required when we arrive to stage the property.   All decluttering and removal of unneeded items should be done before arrival for staging.