Bathrooms,  Tips for Owners Preparing to Sell

Seller Tip # 4 – The Bathrooms – Cleanliness is a Must!

Baths are Essential!   Like it or not we must have bathrooms and we all are repulsed by dirty toilets and tubs and dirty grout!   Following are hints for preparing for sale and showings.


We all actually do spend a lot of time in the baths of our homes.   It is where we typically start our day and it needs to be a clean, pleasant, refreshing place with plenty of light.


Make sure that your bathrooms have clean tiling free of grout, working utilities, and enough space that your buyer won’t feel claustrophobic just looking in from the outside.   Replace any leaking seals or loose handles or broken toilet tank lids.     Often trim work is scuffed or banged and the cabinets may be as well.  A little touchup on these may be all it takes to get them looking new again.


Replace missing drawer knobs or cabinet door knobs.   If the lighting is outdated consider replacing it with a new light fixture.  Make sure no bulbs are missing and that they are white or clear light bulbs.   This allows for more light.  Replace sink faucets or bathtub faucets if they are old and permanently stained.   A few new fixtures can make a world of difference.  Clean any areas which have built up calcium deposits.


Clean toilets and close the lids.   Make sure there is fresh toilet paper on the dispenser just in case someone needs to go while there.   Clear the counters of clutter.   Fresh soap in the dish or soap bombs are fine but little else should be out on the counter.


Towels should be clean and folded to hang neatly and fluffed.   Towels should be of light colors, not dark and drab ones.   Mirrors must be clean not streaked or spotted.


No dirty clothes in the dirty clothes hamper, please.  Many times they smell, so move them to the washer and close the lid or door.   Spray a deodorizer in the dirty clothes hamper and the toilet as well.  Take all wet towels and rugs to the dryer.   Leave them in the dryer during showings.   Preferably have no rugs on the floor.   They may be tripping hazards.

Taresa Lutz is co-owner of Stellar Staging Group and is an Accredited Staging Professional® and a Certified Luxury Home Staging Specialist®. She is also a Licensed Texas REALTOR® with Texas Premier Realty and has earned several REALTOR® designations including the ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative), ALHS (Accredited Luxury Home Specialist), ASP® (Accredited Staging Professional), GRI (Graduate Realtor Institute), NHC (New Home Construction-Buyer Representative), SRS (Seller Representative Specialist), and TRLS (Texas Residential Leasing Specialist). Taresa blogs for several websites on a variety of Real Estate topics as well as other topics.