Walk N Talk Consultations

Our Walk and Talk Consultations are geared for those who plan to live in their home while having it listed for sale and who wish to do the staging themselves rather than hiring us to stage it (although we can do that!).

Our  Accredited Staging Professional (ASP®)  will consult directly with you on how to prepare your home for the market by making suggestions as you walk through the home together from the front curb, room by room, to the back fence.   You will make notes and in some cases we might even move a few things around as we go.

We will discuss what you should store and what needs to be relocated.  We will advise you on the placement of furniture, accessories, artwork, and more throughout your home.  Upon completion of the tasks which we discussed, your home will be ready to attract your target buyer.

We have consulted with many Homeowners and Investors on the staging of their homes and we look forward to assisting you with preparing your home to SELL!

A Walk N Talk Consultation starts at $225 for up to 3,000 square feet and usually takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours depending on the size of the home.  Larger homes start at $250 and go up from there depending on size and time expected for the Consultation.  All Consultations are paid for in advance.

Give us a call today to discuss your home staging needs! 281-650-8162

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