A consultation consists of a walkthrough of the property from the front curb through the house all the way to the back fence to determine what needs to be done to prepare the entire home to sell for the best price in the shortest amount of time.

Work can be done by the homeowner or, if desired, the Stager will include a quote for the Stager’s estimate to do the work which the homeowner cannot do or would prefer the Stager to do.

A written quote will be prepared and discussed based on what the homeowner wishes to do themselves and what they would like the Stager to do.

Consultations start at around $225 and increase from there based on the size of the home and the number of rooms in the home.  A staging consultation typically takes a minimum of one hour.  If the Realtor or Homeowner ultimately would prefer that Stellar Staging Group perform the Staging, a quote will be furnished and details related to contracting with us will be furnished.

The consultation will reveal what needs to be done to prepare the home in a manner which will allow it to appear attractive to the potential buyers for a quick sell at the best price.