Stellar Staging Accessories – NOW offered for Purchase or Rental – A New Service for our Clients

Something new is happening with Stellar Staging Group!  Something new for you! 

We are now offering our ACCESSORIES for purchase or rental. Lots of time and effort was put into purchasing our accessories for staging the beautiful homes we have staged. You can be assured these accessories will look great in your own home, your listing, your office or your rental property or your client’s properties.  You will love them!

Items are discounted off our already well shopped purchase prices and are worth the asking price.  Most items have barely been used as they have almost entirely been displayed in vacant homes and for short periods of time as Staged Homes Sell Quickly!
We are also now offering to shop for decor for your homes or your offices for you. We use our decorator/stager expertise for you and purchase items based on your budget and your needs for your property.
Note: Accessories are Artwork, Comforters, Throws, Throw Pillows, Floral Arrangements, Books, Table Settings, Decor and More.
Watch for posts on our Stellar Staging Facebook page with items for sale as well as in Facebook marketplace.   You can find the first posts at Accessory Sale Post #1  and  Accessory Sale Post #2.  Items for sale are noted in the Captions on the pictures.

Call for pricing and purchase information.  Feel free to email us at or phone with any questions at 281-650-8162 or fill out our contact form at the end of this page.

We are still doing WalkNTalk Staging Consultations, Occupied Stagings, and Vacant Stagings.  That is not changing.

Thanks and have a blessed day!